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Sarahah APK Free Download and Review

Every now and then, you see an app trending on Android and IOS play stores. Though they disappear with time just like a trend is destined for doom, it does leaves its marks however. One of such recent sensation on the internet is Sarahah.

Have you ever thought about bringing amendments in yourself or in your work? This is mainly possible when right people point out things which are wrong with you. However, when people do that on our face, it is mostly cringe worthy and embarrassing. To tackle this, these genius developers came with an idea in the shape of an app called known as Sarahah.

Sarahah is an online messaging on which, people can send you messages anonymously. Means, leave your id for people, they will send you messages on the app and you will not be able to track and identify them. You will never know which message came from which friend or colleague, thus, you can receive a fair share of appreciation or criticism and bring changes.

If you want to use this interesting app, download the free Sarahah APK right now from our website. Let us now discuss the features and review this app in even more detail.

Sarahah Features.

Sarahah may not be an app with a lot of features, the following features are enough to bring something better in your life.

  • Sarahah is a free social messaging app which uses an id to be kept anonymous.
  • An opportunity for you to say things to people you can’t say to their face.
  • An ideal solution for telling your friends and families the flaws which need correction.
  • Your messages can either be critical or full of love, no one is going to love.
  • A chance for you to receive criticism and advices you could use in your life.
  • Send unlimited messages because there is no limit.
  • You can delete your account at any time.
  • Compatible on both Android and IOS.

Sarahah App Review.

Personally, I think that this is an app everyone needed. We want to say a lot of things to different people we love or hate. It is, however, difficult to say that on their face. Either we don’t to hurt them or because we have fears of losing them, we just don’t say it.

Sarahah Review APK

An app like Sarahah has solved all such problems. Either there are flaws in you or the people you know, you can always let them know without hurting any feelings. You can do positive criticism so that the other person may bring positive changes in his/her life.

This is one problem though. There are people who are using it as a fun toy completely putting aside its original purpose. You are going to receive a lot of messages which you will find extremely offensive. Make sure that you make your mind about that. Just ignore and put that aside, read what means more to you and get the maximum benefit of Sarahah.

Download Sarahah APK Free.

You can download the free Sarahah APK right now from the link below.

Meta Information:
Name????? | Sarahah
Current Version1.0.03
app-icon Version: 1.0.03
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