Nokia N1 Price in Pakistan, Release Date, and Full Specifications Review

It has been a while since there were news of Nokia striking back with a new series of smartphones and tablets which ran a thrill among the users and especially the fans of Nokia. After having a hard time in market, they have come back with a new series of tablets and smartphones and this time with android operating system to compete the other manufacturers on the market.  One of the tablets that are part of this endeavor is Nokia N1 which is a next-gen tablet. In this article, we are going to review this phone by analyzing its price in Pakistan and also the complete specifications of the phone. So, let us now begin with our task.

Nokia N1 Release Date and Price in Pakistan.

This android tablet by Nokia got released on 7th January 2015 worldwide and till now its sales are increasing every day. Since we are in Pakistan, we are concerned with the news in our country where it a few days after its release and now it is available in offline and online markets. The price which is now being offered by these markets is around 55000 which may seem very expensive but you will read the features, you are going to say that no, this price is good. Once we have known the release date and price of Nokia N1, let us now move on to the features of this new tablet by Nokia.

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Nokia N1 Full Specifications Review.

Nokia really has took amazing steps ahead. There are features of this tablet which really takes it to the level of iPad by Apple. Nokia N1 has an IPS LCD Display of 7.9 which is much bigger as compared to the most tablets which are normally 7 inches and with this IPS LCD Display, you can enjoy all the movies, music, and anything you are going to watch in a better way. Moreover, you must have been aware of Gorilla Glass technology. In this tablet, Gorilla Glass 3 has been used from which you can realize that how much important did the company pay to the quality. The tablet uses a Quad-core processor with a speed of 2.3 GHz which is more than enough to run all the latest android applications and other stuff on your Nokia N1 tablet.

Nokia N1 has a ram of 2 GB and it has an internal storage of 32 GB where you can store all the files, games, apps, and all other stuff in your phone. The camera is something which everybody wants to be perfect in their phone. Nokia N1 has 8 megapixel camera which gives an amazing result and you can also record a full HD video with a resolution of 1080 pixels. For using the internet on your Nokia N1 tablet, you are provided with Wi-Fi which you can connect with any internet router and enjoy the really fast internet speeds. The phone has a long battery life based on 5300 MAH battery power which is longer than any battery has ever provided. The base android operating system installed in the tablet is Lollipop 5.0 which can be upgraded later. The Bluetooth version 4.0 is present in Nokia N1.

This is a tablet which you are going to love for its weight, lightness, and handling balance which makes it much easier to use. The air-gap technology makes it lighter and you will feel like in air while using your new Nokia N1. So, this was all from this article about Nokia N1.  Don’t forget to leave us your feedback about what you think of this phone. Keep visiting our website for more stuff from the world of technology.



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