warid call packages

Warid Call Packages – Daily, Weekly & Monthly Call Offers

People do unlimited calls in the world because calls are so important nowadays. Every company gives good call rates to their users. Warid is one of them. It is one of the famous company of Pakistan. So, here you’ll find Warid Call Packages which you can use and take benefits in your calls.

You don’t need to pay high for unlimited calls because warid telecom gives you many cool offers which you cannot deny. In just few cents, you can call your loved ones easily. Warid gives you many call offers if you don’t know what are these offers, then let me tell you with details.

warid call packages

Warid Call Packages

Every company has its own quality and demand. There are few networks which you can use in Pakistan. Now Warid and Jazz have merge with each other because of some reasons. Now thay both are same network. There packages are almost same no matter what you use, you’ll be on the same network.

Although, the benefit of these companies are that you can get quality network, packages in more efficient way. Because these two companies will provide its users more quality and more amazing packages. We don’t know why they merge with each other but both of them will give better network as before.

Clean network is the most important thing in today’s era so every network try to provide such call experience to us. However, warid call packages are simply amazing. They are also cheap as Jazz packages. People love to use warid because warid is also grabbing the people attention with its quality and different call rates. Now let’s talk about call rates, you’ll each and every detail about them at bellow. You’ll find a table where you’ll see every little detail. You’ll be amaze after seeing these packages.

Warid Daily Call Packages

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Above warid daily call package is for normal use. If your calls limits are normal, then these packages are best for you. There are 4 packages and you can choose any one package from them. Now its depend upon you that which package you’ll choose.

Warid Weekly Call Packages

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Weekly packages are popular because these packages are average in prices and for average calls. You can also go for these packages. You can check and think twice that these packages are enough for you or not. Terms and conditions are apply on all warid packages. But above detail is enough for you. You can easily decide about call rates.

Warid Monthly Call Packages

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Monthly warid packages are amazing. In fact every company’s monthly package is best because we have to activate these packages once and forget about it for 1 month. So, this will be a wise decision to go for these monthly packages. So, activate it and enjoy for a month.


When we talk about pros of calls, everyone knows what the benefits of calls are. Calls are the important part of our life from the beginning. No one live without network in today’s era because of the world of technology. We can do a lot of tasks with one phone call. We can also ask for different tasks by calling to our boss and friends. In fact we all are standing around the networks circle which we can’t deny. A lot of other benefits you know better.

Final Words

This post was written to give you the each and every little detail about calls. Now it’s up to you which call packages you are going to use. Just make sure you’re using warid telecom because these packages are just for warid and jazz users.

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