Top 10 Best IOS Keyboard Apps 2019

Not everyone stays on the default keyboard. There are people who like using different keyboard apps and they are fun actually. A beautiful new style, lots of EMOJIS, and better or larger letter are the things you get with these apps. So today, we are counting down our picks for Top 10 Best IOS Keyboard Apps 2019.

Best IOS keyboard Apps


Google G Board.

Doesn’t matter if they are your rivals, Google always brings good stuff and you should benefit yourself on your IOS. Google G Board is a smart, nice, and easy apps which has made chatting much easier for you. Also, its synchronization with your thoughts is simply an amazing use of AI.

For Android Users: Top 10 Best Android Keyboard Apps 2019

So there are tons of emotions to use, variable font sizes and formats, large buttons, and moreover, your keyboard is updated with tons of GIFs as well. You can quickly attach pictures and documents right from your keyboard and send MMS.

Swift Key.

So we will be adding more and more amazing options to your list such as the Swift Key. This is one of the fastest and accurate known keyboard apps developed for smartphones where user reach a new level of liberty where AI is so smart that its prediction level is almost accurate.

One of the best features of the Swift Key is that the size of the keys and their spaces can be customized with manual values. This allows you to set these buttons according to your needs. As for other features including the color, smileys, and attachment options, they are standard.

Apple Quick Type Keyboard.

So in IOS, the app which you have as the default one is this Apple Quick Type Keyboard. In terms of development and design, this app is no less. In fact, unlike Android, most people don’t feel the need to change their default keyboard in their Apple phone.

With this Apple Quick Type Keyboard, you get some amazing AI where tagging and predictions are pretty advanced and even the names from your contact appear so in case you would want to tag them. It is smooth, has nice sound effects, tons of smileys, and a lot more.

Microsoft Word Flow.

If we talk one of the unique keyboard app designs with some unique features, the name of Microsoft Word Flow would come first. Even though it is not as great in terms of font and format customization as you would want it to be, still, this is a pretty awesome package for the Windows and Apple phones.

For some people, especially those who want trace typing, the peculiar shape of this keyboard app is actually going to help you a lot. So it is one of the best options for you in 2019.


Fleksy is one of the most fun and accurate keyboard for IOS and Android. With it, you can browse through the wide selection of GIFs and stickers. Furthermore, you can also customize your keyboard with tons of themes and color choices present. According to TIME Magazine, this keyboard has “killer predictive text that even works with the sloppiest of writing”.

Fleksy uses a highly advanced auto-correct so you can type faster without having to worry about your autocorrect making mistakes. Fleksy not only supports 40 languages, it also has a typing record which makes it the fastest typing keyboard in the world. It currently has 5 million downloads and a rating of 4.2.

Touch Pal Keyboard

Touch Pal is another famous and widely used keyboard. It has been downloaded more than 50million times till now and has. Google Play rating of 4.3. It offers fast typing by just sliding your finger on the letter and the autocorrect with Al features ensures that your sentences always make sense.

There are a 1000 free themes and wallpapers to choose from in case you want to customize your keyboard. It won the Google Play Best App of 2015 for all the right reasons. It is the perfect choice if you want faster typing with an attractive looking keyboard.

Go Keyboard.

Now, not all the keyboards you are going to get are of the premium level but there are some like Go Keyboard which is amazing alternatives because of their simple and easy to use design and attractive features. Go Keyboard allows you to customize the line spacing and size even during the moment of typing.

GO Keyboard is simple, easy to use, and is amazingly customizable keyboard app. In this keyboard app, you can also switch between different languages which is one of the reasons for its awesomeness.

Blink Keyboard.

Blink Keyboard by Cool Apps kind of looks like the Apple keyboard but it has many different features. It has a simple and white interface just like the Apple keyboard but it is much softer and broader to make you type faster and the symbols are also much easier to put.

Again, like a lot of other amazing keyboard apps, this has a nice set of smileys for you to use during your chats and a lot of different themes to choose from.

Swype Keyboard

Offered by Nuance Communication, Swype Keyboard is slowly becoming everyone’s favorite. It currently has 1 million downloads and an average Google Play rating of 4.0. It is one of the most powerful keyboards as it pays keen attention to your writing style and forms a writing model according to your language and vocabulary.

It makes the whole experience of autocorrect much easier and authentic and it allows faster typing. It also lets you change the keyboard settings such as vibration duration and even the height of your keyboard.

Bobble Keyboard

So the last app on our list is Bobble Keyboard with the same ratings as most of the above apps, this keyboard offered by Bobble has been download 5 million times till now. It uses Glide Typing, Voice Typing and Word correction for a smoother typing experience. Moreover, it offers a number of themes, gifs, memes, and stickers to choose from. This is one of the coolest keyboards out there on your Android device.

So what are you waiting for lads? Pick one for yourself and have some good chatting type with these bunch of cool and best IOS keyboard apps 2019. Keep visiting our site for more.

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