Top 10 Best IOS Apps 2019

Almost half of the population of the smartphone users use smartphones from Apple such as iPhone and other devices such as iPad and Mac computers. The operating system used in these devices is IOS and today, we have come up with a list of Top 10 Best IOS Apps 2019. Are you excited about this? Well, let’s begin.

Best IOS Apps



Do you want to protect your apps with a strong password? Do you never want to forget any password? Well, give your brain some rest and let 1Password do all the work. 1Password is our number pick which is an app that helps you keep passwords on all apps in your Apple smartphone and remembers any password you set.

Whether these are the offline apps or the online apps, this app is going to remember every password and you can retrieve those passwords at any time. Also, it is very hard to break into making it our number one pick for best IOS apps 2019.

Google Chrome:

Doesn’t matter whether it is an Android smartphone or an IOS, you are always getting them with Google Chrome. By far and without any doubt, this is the best internet browser you can get till this date.

Google Chrome by Google is a light, fast, full of premium features such as fast browsing, incognito mode, and an absolutely free internet browser which doesn’t leave options for other browsers to have a place in your place. Like many other years, this is going to dominate in 2019 as well.

Google Photos:

Even though Google is Apple’s competitor, there are some of its services which even an Apple user can’t help but use. When an Apple user needs to take care of his/her photos via a cloud service, they find nothing better than Google Photos and it is quite evident.

Google Photos is the best image hosting cloud app for the Apple and Android smartphones. It gives you enough storage to save all of your photos and also, you get a lot of options for keeping organized. In 2019, this is going to dominate so get Google Photos right now for IOS.


When you don’t own your own car, you rely on the cab services. When you are an Apple user, don’t rely on any other app than LYFT because this is an ultimate service you want to get. This is one of the cab services which are available in different states of the USA and some other countries of the world.

Also, the rent they offer is very economical than most cab services making them a smarter choice. However, make sure that while you are getting this, the service is available in the city you are in.

Sky Guide:

Do you keep taking interesting in the universe, stars, and the galaxies? If yes, then here is an app which will help you better with the curiosity. Also, if you stay curious about your position in the galaxy, this app is going to help you with that a lot.

Sky Guide is an advanced app which gives you information such as the right ascension, altitude information, and other important figures such as Azimuth and Declination so that you can know your position better. This app could be of great help to the science students.


Do you like to drive around but aren’t good with the roads and ways? Well, get Waze right now on your IOS smartphone and get all the directions you need. Whether you just want to have a track of the speed you are traveling with or you need the direction, this app is your go.

You can set the GPS settings in this app and it will illustrate all the ways perfectly. Also, the app indicates important stuff such as construction sites, accident spots, and traffic signals so that you may not face any grave situation.

Dark Sky:

What good is your smartphone if it doesn’t bring accurate weather reports? Well, make it possible for your IOS to bring all the weather reports by giving you the accurate weather predictions of the places where you want to be so that you can plan your trips and adventures according to it.

Well, if you are planning to go out for work, an adventure trip, or any other thing, just make sure to get the accurate information of weather with this Dark Sky app and then wear your gear according to that. The app is not all free but paying a little price would save you much of the trouble.


Arguably, Spotify is the best music app you can get on any of the smartphone platforms. Even though its competitors are doing quite well, this app does have an edge in terms of quality and quantity of music it brings over to your smartphone.

Now, stream all the music you want on your Apple smartphone devices, subscribe to your favorite artists, listen to the streamed music offline, build your libraries, and have a music time on your smartphone like none you ever had.


Prisma has been one of the biggest trends in the category of image editing apps in 2017. What it does is that it transforms your pictures into beautiful animated ones which make for some really cool social media profile stuff. That is why it broke many records of app downloads and usage in this year.

Well, as for the upcoming year of 2019, even though its craze is not at the same level of hype, the new smartphone users will keep downloading and use this one and that’s why we can’t help but predict that Prisma is going to be among the best apps in 2019 as well.

Google Assistant:

Siri might be good but admit it Apple fans that nothing beats the level of Google Assistant. When you unbiased enough and want to make your life easier, you will get the help of Google Assistant. This assistant comes with a pack of services such as maps, photos, to-do lists, many others. There is no doubt that with the upcoming features and updates, this is going to be among the dominating apps in the coming year.

Do you agree with our picks on Top 10 Best IOS Apps of 2019? You can suggest us some in the comments section because we always love your feedback. Keep visiting us back for more.

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