Introduction To Blogger Post Editor 2019

Introduction To Blogger Post Editor

Introduction To Blogger Post Editor
Introduction To Blogger Post Editor

For writing blog posts on Blogger, you should be aware of the different tools, options and settings of the Post Editor of Blogger that’s why here I will describe the post editor of Blogger.

Log in to your Google Account and go to the Click on the pencil icon in front of any blog and Blogger’s Post Editor page will be in front of you.

Introduction To Blogger Post Editor

Post Title: In this field, you have to write the title of your blog posts.

Publish, Save, Preview, and Close buttons

  • Publish: If you have finished writing your post then click on this button your post will be published on your blog and will be accessible for others.
  • Save: This button will save your post so that you can continue your post after a while, normally Blogger saves your posts automatically and you do not have the need to press this button.
  • Preview: If you want to see how your post will look then you can click on the Preview button and your post will be loaded in the preview mode in a new tab.
  • Close: This option is used to exit from the editor.

Compose, HTML & Undo, Redo

  • Compose & HTML: These two options are used to change the editor’s mode i.e. if you want to compose your post as your write in MS Word while if you know the HTML then you can click on the HTML option and write your article in HTML (It will be time consuming).
  • Undo & Redo: I think you know the purpose of these buttons, the first button is used for undoing action while the second button is used for redo action.

Font, Font size & Format

  • Font: Click on the Font button to choose a font in which you want to write, you can use different fonts for headings, subheading, and minor headings.
  • Font size: This button is used to change the size of the selected font. Select a part or full post and click on the font size button select the size which you want and that’s it.
  • Format: It means what format you want to assign to your post. If you post have a heading then select the text which you want to convert in heading and click on the Arrow sign in format select the Heading option. In the same way, you can also choose subheading and minor heading.

Bold, Italian, Underline and Strikethrough

  • Bold: It is used to bold words, just select the word which you want to bold and click on the Bold icon or press Ctrl + B keys together i.e. Blogger
  • Italian: If want to italicize the text then select the text and click on this button i.e. Blogger
  • Underline: Select the text and click on the Underline button your text will be underlined i.e. Blogger
  • Strikethrough: This option is used to draw a line through the middle of selected text i.e. Blogger

Font Color & Background

  • Font Color: Select the text and click on the font color icon a box of different colors will appear to select any one which you want to use for your text i.e. Blogger
  • Font Background: This option is used to change the background of selected font i.e. Blogger

Link, Image, Video and Page Break

  • Link: If you want to add links if you post then this button is very useful. Select the text and click on this link enter the Link in the link field and press OK button. Short key of link is Ctrl + K
  • Image: This button is used to insert images into your posts as I have also inserted using this option. Select the region where you want to insert image click on image icon and upload your image, if you have a link to an image then you can insert through link option.
  • Video: This button is primarily created to insert videos it has also Upload options but uploaded videos from your computer may not play normally when visitors visit your blog. You have to insert the embedded code of videos in the posts so that they can work normally.
  • Page Break: If you want to add page breaks then select the line and click on this icon. A page break is used to start the next page on current line.

Alignment, Numbered List, Bullet List, Quote and Clear Format

  • Alignment: This option is used to align the text. You can align the selected text to left, center, right and both right and left (This will add necessary spaces to manage the margins).
  • Numbered List: Click this option to start a numbered list. A new number will be generated in ascending order when you will press the enter key.
  • Bullet List: Click this option to start a bullet list. Now bullets will be created on pressing the enter key.
  • Quote: Click on this option and start writing your quote, if you have already written the quote then select the words and click on the quote button.
  • Clear format: If your text have formats in it and you want to remove, then select the words and click on the format option it will remove all kind of formats.

Spelling check and Translations

  • Spelling check: If you think you have typed wrong spellings then select the text and click on this option it will check for spelling errors and will show all mistakes which will be found.
  • Translations: This option will work only when you have enabled this in Language and Formatting settings. Select the word or words which you want to translate and click on the translate button it will show the translation of whole selected text. If you want to change the translation language then click on the arrow sign with translations button and select the language where you text will be translated.

Left to right & Right to left

  • Left to right: Clicking this button will start writing from left to right (If you come directly on the editor this button is enabled by default)
  • Right to left: When you will press this button your posts which you will type will be written from the right side of the editor.

Post Setting Area of Blogger Post Editor

On the right side of the Blogger post editor, there are some settings related to Blogger Posts these are called Post Settings.


Labels are used to show the several related posts, labels are also known as the category. For example, you have written a post on topic How to create a blog on Blogger and sort it with some labels like “Beginner’s guide, Blogging, Blogger” now you have one more post “Beginner’s guide to Analytics” and sort it labels like “Beginner’s Guide, Blogging, Analytics”. Your visitors want to learn more about Blogging so they will click on it and its related posts will be displayed.


If you are a part-time blogger and sometimes you have too much spare time you can write more blog posts and schedule them using this option. To schedule posts click on the Schedule options select Set date and time option and select the date from below calendar.


  • Permalink:  When you type the title of your post in the editor Blogger automatically generates a link to your blog. If you want to customize the link then click on the Links option, select Custom Permalink and enter the link which you want. Note: Spaces in the links are not allowed you have to add “Dash” symbol “–” between words to separate them.
  • Title Links: If you wish to link your blog posts to specific URL then type the URL in the Title link field. It is not very important you can just leave it blank.
  • Enclosure Links: Enclosure links are used to include the podcast media in your blog posts, we have already described these links in the settings.


Click on the Location option and type your exact location in the search bar and press the enter key. Once your search is done click on the Done button.

Search Description

Search description is the best options in the Post Settings. Here you have to enter a summarized paragraph of about 150 characters about your post it will help the Google as well as readers to understand your blog posts.


  • Allow Reader Comments: If you want your reader to post the comment then select the allow options but if you do not want then click on don’t allow. I highly recommend you to allow the readers to comment on your posts.
  • Compose Mode: It has further two options which I think you should know in full explanation.
    • Show HTML Literary: If you want to show some HTML contents in your post then select this option, for example, your blog is about HTML tutorials so you have to often paste the HTML code in the posts so that your visitors can understand it. Selecting Show HTML Literary will not convert the HTML in its original form.
    • Interpret typed HTML: If you are working in the compose mode and want to add any kind of button for example Download button you can type the HTML code in the compose mode this option will automatically convert the code into its meaning.
  • Line breaks: It has further two options and you should understand about them completely.
    • Use <br> tag: If you are working in the Compose mode and are using Enter key to make paragraphs, Blogger will automatically put a line between paragraphs for you but if you look in the HTML mode it will show you a <br> tag.
    • Press “Enter” for line breaks: This is same but a little different from the <br> tags, if you are working in HTML mode and are using Enter key to make space between paragraphs, Blogger will automatically create a line, but if you change the compose mode with HTML mode you will see a line between paragraphs, not a </br> tag.

Custom Robots Tags

These tags have no value when you have enabled them from the Search Preferences option under the settings page, but if you want to change the indexing for your any specific post then you can use these tags. If you have not enabled this then go back to the settings page and enable it in the way as I had described it.

This was an introduction to the different tools of the Post Editor of Blogger. You should understand about each tool because these tools are very important for writing SEO friendly blog posts.

Final Words

SEO becomes very technical thing nowadays because Google algorithm is smart enough and can analyse easily what a site is doing. Onpage is the biggest factor in SEO because it connects with users and Google just want to show users value added content. If your site is providing it, the Google will rank it. But before writing a amazing content, you need to understand the basics about creating a new attractive blog post. Above, we cleared everything that is enough to create a attractive post. You just need to understand the settings and after that, i am sure you’ll be ready and can write attractive posts easily. These instructions are so easy for everyone. After writing some posts, you’ll be go through with this process and then you’ll become expert in writing a attractive or amazing blog post.

So, this was our guide about blogger post introduction. I hope you’ll definitely like it because this will help you out if you are a newbie. You just need to follow the above instructions and you’ll easily write amazing post on your blog. Many people don’t understand much about blog posts and they unable to write attractive post. But this guide is to the point for a newbie. You can share this post with your loved ones like you friends and colleagues and help them also to understand better the art of blogging. If you have any questions, or you’re confused in some points. Just ask from us in the comment section, we’ll try to answer your every problem as soon as possible because your satisfaction is our 1st priority. Good luck and happy blogging, it is same as you’re writing a beautiful easy in exam hall. If you write well, you’ll earn more numbers.

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