Search Preference Setting For Blogger Blogs (Very Important)

Search Preference Setting For Blogger Blogs (Very Important)

Search Preference Setting For Blogger Blogs (Very Important)
Search Preference Setting For Blogger Blogs (Very Important)

Today in this topic I am going to tell you about the Search Preferences settings of Blogger blogs. These settings are very important for every blog as they can affect the search preference and choosing some wrong options can also remove your blogs from the Google search results.

So I highly recommended you to set the “Search Preference” settings of your blog very carefully according to the given guide.

What are Meta tags?

Meta Tags are very important for the webmasters because they can provide information about their sites to the search engines. Meta Tags can also be used to provide information about all kind of clients and system processes.



I think you know about description. Adding a description for your blog is very important as it also affects the ranking of your site in Google Search results.

Description of your blog must be very finite so that people can recognize about your blog is about.

To add a description of your blog click on the Edit button in front of Description option enter the description about your blog and click on the “Save Changes” button. Remember you cannot use more than 150 characters for your blog’s description.

Errors and re directions

Error and Re-directions are used to remove error pages from your site.
This option has further two options: –

  • Custom Page Not Found
Custom Page Not Found
Custom Page Not Found
When you try to use any missing URL for your site. Then the template which you are using shows message page not found. We have also discussed the message which will be shown when this type of error occurs. But here we can change the interface of Custom Page Not found. Click on the “Edit” button in front of Custom Page Not Found option. Enter the HTML code and click save changes. Do not worry I will also give a tutorial on this topic. So just leave this blank for now.
  • Custom Redirects
Custom Redirects
Custom Redirects

This is used to redirect the URL of your site. For example,if you have removed some pages from your site and some visitors are still following those URLs and see a page not found error then you can use the Custom Redirects option to redirect the removed pages to other pages.

To add a custom redirect for your blog click on the Edit button in front of Custom Redirects. Enter one URL in the from field (without including your domain name) for example, if you want to redirect then add /2016/05/create-blog-using-blogger.html in the from field while in the to field add the URL (without your domain name) which will be shown for example /2016/09/create-blog.html. Finally tick the Permanent field and save changes.

Custom Redirects
Custom Redirects

Crawlers and indexing

Crawlers and indexing tools are very useful for making our blog visible on the Search Results it is one of the best tools for the increasing the ranking. It is very useful for indexing our blogs and blog posts.
In the top paragraphs of this article I have told you some settings can also remove your blog from the search results. Crawlers and indexing are that settings so be careful about these settings.

Custom robots.txt

Robots.txt file is also very important for search engines, it is used to provide instruction to different search engines and also enable or disables some search engines from accessing your site. Moreover, it also tells the web crawlers how to crawl your site’s contents.

Custom robots.txt
Custom robots.txt

The Default sitemap of every blogger blog is like below code.

User-agent: Mediapartners-Google
User-agent: *
Disallow: /search
Allow: /

Different parts of the sitemaps

  • User-agent: Mediapartners-Google “This is for the media partners of the Google”
  • Disallow: “The URLs which are to be added in front of Disallow: will not be crawled or indexed e.g. if you want to disable a specific page of your blog then type /p/page-address.html in the same way if you want to blog a post then add /post-address.html”
  • User-agent: * “When we add a start sign in front of User-agent: it represents the name of all search engines e.g. Google bot, Yahoo & Bing and Yandex etc. all are represented”
  • Disallow: /search “Now your label’s URLs ( will not be indexed it is very useful for Blogger blogs. It prevents your label pages from indexing and you prevent from duplicated contents”
  • Allow: / “Everything which will be added in from of Allow: will be crawled and indexed here / (Slash) means every URL of your blog which contains / (Slash)”
  • Sitemap: “Here you have to enter the sitemap of your blog. If you do not know then just replace the from this URL”

Custom Robots Header Tags

These tags are extremely important it must be enabled for every blog but choosing wrong options may also remove your blog from the search engines and can create critical problems for you.

First, select the Enable custom Robots header tags by clicking on the YES option.

Custom Robots Header Tags
Custom Robots Header Tags
  • Homepage:
      • Tick on All “This will index your whole homepage”
      • Tick on NOODP “NOODP stands for No Open Directory Project. It is used by the Google, Yahoo and other search engines so that website owners can use their own meta descriptions not take it from the DMOZ.”
  • Achievers and Search Pages:
      • Tick on noindex “By doing so your achieves and search pages will not be indexed which will prevent duplication of your contents and URL in search engines”
      • Tick on NOODP “It is used to tell the search engines to use the owners meta description not from DMOZ.”
  • Default for Posts and Pages:
      • Tick on All “This action will index your all posts and pages automatically.”
      • Tick on NOODP “It is used to tell the search engines to use the author’s provided description for all posts and pages”

That’s it you have done.

Final Words

Search presence is very important now you also know that after reading above explanation. Mostly people don’t do these settings and in the end, they got less traffic. These settings are important if you want to do SEO of your blog. These settings tells Google that what is your blog about. So, Google can rank it better. If you don’t do settings, Google may not understand about your blog. You have to follow the same steps in your every new or old blog. Only then you can get traffic easily. These settings are technical a little bit but if you done twice, your hands will be smooth in these settings. So, must try them out if you really want to do serious business.

No matter what is your blog about, just write a little description about your blog which Google can understand easily. I am sure if you follow these settings, your blog ranking will boost instantly. You just have to do these settings one time in your blog and then you can do posts easily. Google will pick them according to your settings. A lot of people fail to rank their blog and the reason is this that they don’t optimize their blog according to Google algorithm. When Google understand your blog, it’ll give boost to it.

So, this was our guide about the search preference settings that are so important and you’ll must apply them. Share this post with all of your friends and colleagues and let them help to increase their blog ranking. I am sure they will definitely become happy after using these settings. If you have any questions or confusion, you can ask from us in the comment section. We’ll try to answer you as soon as possible till we clear it to you. So, good luck and don’t forget to appreciate us by commenting on this site. Stay tuned with this site for more amazing posts.

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