How To Use Whatsapp Without Any Number For Free 2019

In Tech : Today we are going to use Whatsapp without any number for free in 2019 easy. This guide will be very useful for making fun with your friends. To know how to do so, just follow the whole steps.

use whatsapp without phone number

Whatsapp is a very famous social site of the world after the Facebook. It is mostly used on to the mobile devices. Whatsapp allows its users many features such as chatting, video sharing and image sharing but all after a registration through a number, but today’s topic is to use the Whatsapp without any number, yes you can use the Whatsapp without any phone number.

Use Whatsapp Without Phone Number For Free In 2019 Easily

To use your Whatsapp for free without any registration of any phone number is very easy and simple, just follow the following step:-


Following are some requirements need for accomplishing the task

  • Freshly download Whatsapp on SD Card (You can use APK Leecher the for downloading)
  • Spoof Text Message App For Android on SD Card (Download This Using APK Leecher)
  • Fake-A-Message App For iPhone on SD Card.

Steps to follow:-

  • Take a backup of your Whatsapp on your android device you can do so by just copying the whole Whatsapp data from the android to computer or to any other place.
  • After taking backups, uninstall the Whatsapp from your device. It is important.
  • Enable the Airplane Mode on your android (OR iPhone) and download and install the Whatsapp.
  • Open the app and go to the instruction page enter your phone number do not worry it cannot send you verification message as your device on Airplane Mode.
  • Whatsapp need verification before letting the users to use it. It will ask for the verification thorough any alternation method you have to select the check through SMS.
  • Now enter your email address and click on “Submit” button, after clicking on to the “Submit” button instantly click on the “Cancel” button.
  • Now you need “Spoof Message App” installed on your device. If you are on an Android Device then install “Spoof Text Message” while if you are using iPhone device then install the “Fake-A-Message”
  • Now go to “Outbox”, send the details to the spoofed verification. You can use following ; To: +447900347295, From: Country Code, Mobile No. and Message: Your Email Address.
  • Bingo! Now verification details will be on the false number and you can use that for verifying your Whatsapp account easily. That’s it.
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So, this was all about; How to Use Whatsapp without Any Number For Free 2019. This was a very simple and easy method to use your Whatsapp for free and without registration of any number for your Whatsapp account. By this method you will be able to use all the available features of Whatsapp on your device and this method can be used to make fun with your class mates as well as friends and relatives. I hope you have enjoyed the method and are able to use the Whatsapp for free. If you have any problem then fell free to ask, I am 24 hours ready to help you. Also share this with your friends.

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